Are you looking for flatbed services, carrying your shipments from one location to another? Here at LAX Freight, we work with a range of flatbed trucking service providers, ensuring you have the capability you need to handle your logistics job without the hassle.

Flatbed Freight Shipment Services

What Is Flatbed Transportation and Shipping?


Flatbed transportation and shipping means using flatbed trailers to solve both lightweight and heavy haul trucking challenges.

Shipments are loaded onto flatbed trucks and delivered to where they need to be. For some types of shipment — like heavy haul loads and large pieces of equipment — flatbed transportation offers additional capability and reliability.

We offer a variety of flatbed trucking and delivery services, working with flatbed transportation carriers to ensure all our customers get the right experience.


Flatbed Trucking Services We Offer

Full-Load Flatbed Truck Shipping

If your shipment is big enough to take up an entire consignment, we can help you find the right flatbed truck moving company to make this happen. Whether one truck is enough or you need multiple vehicles, we can find the right services — even if this means orchestrating multiple companies.

Consolidated Shipping

Often, your freight load might not be big enough to justify an entire flatbed truck. To reduce the cost, while also limiting carbon emissions, you can consolidate your flatbed truck delivery with the loads of other customers, achieving the most efficient and effective way to ship.

Oversize Shipments

If the shipment is deemed oversize or overweight in any of the jurisdictions it passes through, it needs special attention. Let LAX Freight make sure your shipment is covered for the whole journey.

Expedited Trucking

Need urgent flatbed truck delivery services? LAX Freight can help you to make this happen, organizing expedited trucking solutions that avoid delays.

Benefits of Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed freight provides wealth of different benefits to customers. Take a look at some of the key advantages.

A Flexible Array of Choices

Whether you need a step deck flatbed shipping or a removable gooseneck connection for your freight and logistics job, flatbed truck transportation can accommodate this. There is more to flatbed trucking and heavy haul than meets the eye, and LAX Freight customers enjoy a number of different options.

Heavy Haul Solutions for Maximum Compliance and Peace of Mind

Many consignments need to be treated with particular care, ensuring safety, security, and peace of mind during transit. Flatbed solutions are ideal for this purpose, ensuring that even trickier consignments get to where they need to be without worry.

Options for Smaller Loads

You don’t have to collect together different loads, delaying your shipment until you have enough for a whole truck. Instead, you can consolidate your load together with those of other drivers, helping you to complete the job without delay while saving you money at the same time.

Easy Loading and Unloading

The configuration of the flatbed trailer makes it easy to load and unload cargoes. Even oversize and awkwardly shaped consignments can be handled with ease, provided the right equipment solutions are available at the freight terminal. LAX Freight connects you with the right partners to ensure a smooth journey.

Challenges of Full Truckload Shipping

Full truckload, or FTL, shipping can be the most cost-effective method for larger consignments, but there are challenges to bear in mind. These include:

  • FTL shipping is not suitable for smaller consignments.
  • You will lose some of the flexibility of consolidated shipping — for instance, all your consignments will be shipped to the same location.
  • It may be difficult to find carriers who can provide additional services for FTL shipments, such as handling.
  • It can be more difficult to find freight tracking services for FTL shipments.

We can help you find the right flatbed delivery service for your needs.

Flexible Flatbed Transport Solutions, Tailored Especially for You

Here at LAX Freight, we understand that our clients have diverse needs.

Some are sending large consignments on a regular basis, while others need one-off deliveries.

Some need heavy haulage trucking solutions, while others need something a little on the lighter side.

This is why we work with our clients and our freight partners to devise winning solutions, tailored to these highly specific needs.

Why Choose Us?

Why choose LAX Freight for your flatbed transportation needs? Here are just a few reasons why our customers keep on coming back:

  • A commitment to customer service
  • A tailored set of solutions that meet your specific needs
  • A simple process from the start
  • Full peace of mind and security every step of the way
  • Flatbed truck solutions designed to save you money without compromise

Have a consignment ready for flatbed shipping and delivery? LAX Freight has what you need. Request a quote today.

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