Expedited Shipping

Expedited freight companies must be fast, flexible, and trustworthy. At LAX Freight, we believe in these values. We provide manufacturers in the United States with a reliable way to haul their products across the country.

We can handle all types of freight, from dry goods to hazmat loads, and we do it quickly with the care your items deserve. Whatever your shipping emergency, you can count on LAX Freight to get the job done right.

Expedited Freight Trucking and Transportation Services in USA

What are expedited trucking services?


Expedited transportation involves moving your freight in a quick manner. Often these expedited loads are time-sensitive and need a carrier immediately. In these instances, the shipper understands that the product must go quickly, whether by air or ground, and that these methods will allow them to cut transit times for their product.An expedited trucking company can save your business from detrimental losses, but in order for a freight service provider to offer these expedited services and prove themselves valuable to a client, they must meet some expectations.


Moving quickly is of the utmost importance. Expedited transportation services must make your delivery on an extremely tight deadline. In some cases, a client may need a product shipped the very day they reach out to the expedited trucking company. The freight may need to be delivered that day or the next day. Because of the time sensitivity of these orders, LAX Freight quotes our customers within an hour of them reaching out to us.


You must rely on your trucking services for a variety of different items; providing the right vehicle, handling the logistics, coordinating the delivery, and keeping you in the loop at each step of the process. LAX Freight has dedicated departments to coordinate this effort for you and customer service specialists to keep you apprised of the process.


Not all goods can be just put in the back of a truck and shipped out. Products run the gamut from perishable to fragile to hazardous, and an expedited logistics freight service must be able to provide a solution for them all.


When investing in expedited trucking services is a must?

Expedited carriers are used when there is a tight deadline or an emergency of sorts, adding much value to a shipper who is up against a clock. There are a variety of reasons to use expedited shipping, and all of them involve time.

The medical and pharmaceutical industries use them for time-sensitive deliveries. Manufacturers need them if they are trying to get parts quickly so their whole operation doesn't get shut down.

Even retailers are starting to use them for fast shipping, as customers are demanding overnight deliveries. If you are in an industry that needs products moved quickly, from food to goods, expedited shipping can benefit your business.

What kind of expedited trucking services we offer?

At LAX Freight, we offer a variety of expedited trucking services, including:

  • Hazmat shipping
  • Oversized and heavy haul freight 
  • Flatbed freight

But it's more than just our freight services that set us apart from our competitors. We also offer:

  • One-hour quotes
  • No cancellations. We have our own fleet. There is no need for us to cancel your shipment
  • 24/7 shipment tracking
  • A large network of approved carriers in the US
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time pick-up and delivery

We provide trucking options for all goods from any industry

We understand that every industry has special terms and conditions that must be met and time-sensitive deliveries that need to be made. At LAX Freight, we have the capacity to handle expedited freight solutions for all industries. We have numerous customers, all coming from different industries, from hazmat to food to retail and manufacturing. If you have a product that needs to be shipped, LAX Freight is your go-to expedited freight company.

Custom solutions in extra fast delivering

LAX Freight has a large network of carriers in the United States. This gives us the ability to prioritize the needs of all of our clients.

At LAX Freight, we know that you will need unique solutions for your freight problems, and we can provide those solutions. Let us become your expedited freight provider today!

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