LAX Freight's knowledge of the different aircraft engine types and sizes ensures minimum loading/unloading time and the use of the most effective and secure transport.



Proper aerospace transportation requires an in-depth understanding of airplane parts and components. LAX Freight provides expert handling and securement for every type of airplane component, whether you are trusting our heavy hauling company with wing components, thrust reversers, landing gear, ground support, or other aerospace equipment.

We are familiar with the FAA regulations, tolerances, narrow maintenance windows, and risks of AOG shipping — as well as the nuances and special requirements when it comes to aerospace cargo logistics. What you get is all-encompassing, end-to-end quality care of all AOG shipments.

Our impressive years of experience with aircraft trucking means that aircraft engines arrive safely, wherever and whenever they are needed. We pride ourselves on exceptional end-to-end care — supplemented by our multiple-module aircraft transportation services training — and careful attention to detail. With our expedited carriers, every shipment has maximum debris and weather protection, with specially fitted equipment and all sorts of protective padding.



When it comes to aviation logistics services, you need logistics experts who understand not only supply chain management but also the intricacies of aerospace cargo logistics. You want them to be knowledgeable in the transport and handling of aircraft parts and components, as well as AOG logistics whether it’s engines, turbines and landing gear or entire fuselages and wing sections. That's precisely who we are.

LAX Freight is a transportation company dedicated to excellence and quality customer care. We are proud to offer comprehensive aerospace logistics services you can rely on.

You deserve the peace of mind that each and every one of our aircraft cargo shipments is thoroughly protected, safe, and secure — and that they will get to their destination in the most timely and cost-effective way. Go ahead and reap the benefits of LAX Freight aerospace logistics:

Specialized aircraft parts logistics, securement, and handling.
A broad network of carriers and partners nationwide and across the globe.
Extensive industry experience in transportation services and aerospace logistics.
Exceptional customer service and end-to-end care.




Anyone familiar with aerospace logistics knows that aircraft and aircraft parts and components shipping is often more complicated than regular cargo. Airplanes have long wingspans, and bigger parts like the fuselage and props may need disassembling before transport.

There is a wide range of aircraft — from large jets to smaller biplanes and even helicopters. Each aircraft freight load must be handled with extreme care and attention by specially trained personnel who are familiar with the relevant regulatory requirements and the aircraft parts themselves. Considerations must be made in relation to the transportation distance, the various highway elements that must be navigated along routes, and the cost-effectiveness of transporting vs. flying flight-worthy aircraft.

At LAX Freight, we look for the best possible solution based on your needs. With decades in the heavy hauling transportation industry, LAX Freight's aircraft logistics portfolio is as comprehensive as our commitment to customer care. You know that our aircraft logistics personnel, carriers, and partners are not only vetted and properly licensed, but they are also specially trained to handle aircraft and their parts and components. Safety, security, regulatory compliance, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness are all priority considerations.

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Choose the specific services you need for a fully customized experience to suit your budget and needs. We also handle all paperwork and carefully monitor all domestic and international transportation and importation processes.

LAX Freight clients are guided through the entire process by dedicated transport customer service agents. Ours is a one-stop shop for aircraft logistics.

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